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Carol A. McMullen

Carol is a Learning Disabilities Specialist and a Family or Personal Coach specializing in Attention Deficit Disorders, ASD/Asperger’s, Learning Disabilities (LD), Non-verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD), and Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI).

Carol has worked with people of all ages: eighty percent of students who have engaged in her program achieve one or more course grades of 90% or higher. Many of her adult clients have become promoted at work. With her business management consultation, those who own a business significantly increased efficiency and productivity.

Carol's handbook provides the core for this work:

Saving Your Child, Saving Yourself:
Navigating Roadblocks in Managing ADHD, Asperger's and Learning Disabilities

For school-age students

  • Design of personalized school programs

  • Solutions for homework problems

  • Negotiation with school personnel

  • establishing partial or full home-school programs

  • Motivation, organization, social and communication skills

  • Managing behaviour, and anger problems

  • Strategies for bullying issues

For college and university students

  • Course-specific academic support

  • Negotiation with faculty,  Special Needs Office and other administration

  • Time management, organization, self-care, social and communication skills

  • Independent living skills, money management and work preparation

  • Assistive technology options

For youth who drop out

  • Support for parents and youth to construct a viable “Plan B”

  • Resources to get back on track or access more treatment support.


For adults

  • Assistance in personal relationship, family, and workplace problems.

  • Step-by-step plans for those unable to find or maintain employment

  • Organization and management consultation for individuals struggling with business ownership or corporate management positions.

For organizations

  • Time management and organization in the workplace

  • Communication skills in the workplace

  • Handling stress and "workplace politics"

Saving Your Child, Saving Yourself
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