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Client Feedback


"Your approach has changed my entire outlook on how people learn and how we as instructors affect our students."
– Professor, University of Guelph

"My husband is like a different person. He is a real father to our two children now and has even been promoted at work."
– Adult Couple Clients

"Our son has caught up and become an advanced student. Your strategies stopped the bullying and he has finally made several friends - he actually loves school." 
– Parent

"I learned more today than in my eight months at Teachers College. Carol is a very gifted communicator."
– Secondary School Teacher

"As individual and family counsellors, we have been so very much in the dark on these issues. Your consultation has completely changed how I work with special learning needs."
– Marriage & Family Therapist

"This handbook should be required reading for every teacher in the province. Powerful, moving - I learned so much."
– Elementary School Teacher

"Your strategies raised my entire grade average more than 20% over this year. As an Honours Student now in physics, you have given me confidence and inspiration I never would have thought possible."
– University Student

"I was intrigued by your range and thoroughness. There is so much stuff to know!"

– Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry

"Our daughter is like a different person. You have shown us all how to make learning happen."
– Parent

"I could not seem to get my act together, even while holding down a high-level management position. Your organizational tools have been life-saving for me."
– Business Manager

"The family I referred has been transformed. This information is crucial for all family doctors."
– Family Physician 

"If every school were using these strategies, people would understand that you can be bright and learn in a different way. As my performance goes up so does my self esteem."
– High School Junior

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